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A Rite Of Passage For The Young Man – Shaving For The First Time

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he begins to not only look up to the male figures that have influenced his growth toward adulthood but also wonder about what makes them into those figures of adulthood. if he is lucky enough to have observed a male figure each morning engaging it what might seem as one of the most adult male rituals in the world – shaving he will begin to wonder how he can go about becoming part of that exclusive club.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shaving

The truth of the matter is that shaving is less of a pleasure than a chore – but it can be done one of two ways – correctly or incorrectly. doing it incorrectly leads to discomfort and skin conditions that can affect a persons social and professional life, while doing it correctly can make what can be a chore that much more pleasant, less time consuming – and if attention is paid more of a pleasure than a pain.

So for the first timer what are the best hints that will start a lifelong relationship with a razor that will be a mutually beneficial relationship rather than one of pain and discomfort?

As with all jobs it is the tools that can make all the difference. If you are using a disposable razor but the best that you can afford. cutting corners will literally lead to cuts and nicks. A three blade disposable from a reputable manufacturer should be good for a couple of shaves at least. if you have purchased a razor that allows you to replace the blade do that after a week. those blades are high quality – but don’t be tempted to keep them longer than that.

Important Aspects for Shaving

When you start to shave pay careful attention to the sort of shaving cream that you will be using. It is not necessary to spend an absolute fortune. Many people enjoy the gel type of shaving creams. Try one with Aloe. It soothes the skin and also allows for a much smoother action when shaving. If you feel any discomfort and burning on your face then try something else.

As for the action that you will be using while you try and find what is best for you. It may be tempting to try an upward stroke – it’ll seem more effective. Don’t do it. Shave in downward strokes covering the same area of the face between three and four times.

However the one place you will have to use that upward stroke is the neck area. be confident – you will not cut your own throat with a modern razor. Get in touch to know more.

Once you have completed your shave rinse off with warm water. you may choose to use an aftershave balm or cologne. Be sparing. You do not want to smell like you have bathed in it. Subtlety is everything. But that aftershave balm is a great way to soothe the skin – and many have a very pleasing fragrance. To get more tips, visit

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