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Some time ago, as I was receiving a facial treatment at my favourite local resort, my aesthetician said that health spas around the city were experiencing a drop-off in business.

Folks see something like visiting the spa as an additional, splurge that is inessential. The other day, on the show The Daily, I was requested to supply on air “ammo” for wives who would like to convince their husbands they still have to visit the health spa.
Five health benefits of visiting the health spa (in this particular scenario, for a massage):

Several research show that massage reduces amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which among a number of other advantages helps slow your heart rate, and brings down your blood pressure.

2) It boosts your resistance

By reducing anxiety and stress hormones, massage fosters the amounts of “natural killer cells” in your own body, which are your first defense against invaders. Massage was proven to even foster resistance in individuals with seriously reduced immune systems, including patients with breast cancer.

Whether you’ve got muscle malady, persistent head aches or a migraine, or even labor pains (!), massage was proven to substantially fall and alleviate pain.

4) It boosts your disposition

As if a marvelous, healing, relaxing trip to a health spa wasn’t enough (I already feel better, only walking in the door), treatments including massage improve your brain’s amount of feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

massage beavercreek Ohio5) It alleviates PMS symptoms!

A little study of a group of women with severe PMS found that massage reduced various symptoms including mood swings, water retention, and malady. There ’s some ammo which may convince your husband or partner of the importance of your spa visit – perhaps you may even get them to pay for it! Imagine how much more happy if all girls were treated to a health spa visit with a minimum of once monthly?

I understand I’ve been talking mainly about the advantages of massage, but only think about it – a pedicure normally includes a short massage, as does a facial, and even some manicures include miniature hand and arm massages. The truth is, when they’re doing the massage element of your pedicure, you may say you require to foster my natural killer cells, I’m feeling like I might be coming down with something, and know Who’d say no?

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