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Business Change Of Address Checklist For Owners

If you are going to be moving your business from one address to another, you have a lot on your mind. There is the physical move, the operations of your business and of course everything you need to be thinking about in terms of your change of address. This is an exciting relocation, but you need your ducks in a row. That being said, you are certainly going to need to do more than just change your business address online with the USPS.

Work off of this checklist for business changes of address

Think about companies you do business with, vendors, and of course customers. You want to make sure that you tell them about your business moving. Naturally, you are going to want to plan this out well ahead of time so that you get to them well in advance of the move. You want seamless operations, and that requires that companies and customers know exactly where your business is located at all times. For some, it will matter more than others, but you certainly don’t want to be inconspicuous when it comes to your business changing locations.

You also need to think about utilities, services providers of various types and also government agencies and other organizations. You don’t want the IRS thinking your business is at the old location. In all seriousness, you want everyone updated, and that means that you need to have all of these places on your checklist as well. That includes banks and insurance companies.

If you don’t update with the banks, that can cause you all kinds of problems. You will be thinking about updating with certain insurance companies right away, but you have to make sure that you remember them all. As a business owner, how many insurance companies do you do business with?

What else needs to be part of your checklist?

You are going to want to think about the phone messages for your business, and you are going to want to make sure you take care of your website, too. These days, a website is likely thought of as more important than what’s on your phone message. However, you are going to want to be sure that you take care of everything on the checklist.

Alert On Receiving Outgoing Mails

There are stamps that you can buy to alert people receiving your outgoing mail that there is a new address. You are going to be putting it on your correspondence, but the people you send mail to might not notice if it weren’t for the big red stamp that you’re going to use. Of course, you will have your mail forwarded by the USPS, but you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

When you handle your website, make sure you also think about your email signature lines, social media accounts and more. Without a checklist, you might end up leaving something out. With a checklist, you are likely guaranteed that you won’t miss anything when it comes to getting your business prepared for that change of address.

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