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October 9, 2017
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Cincinnati Is Home To Several Of The Country’s Top Companies

Cincinnati OH is home to some of the best companies in the United States. Nine of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 have their headquarters or facilities in the city. The city is home to a wealth of different industries and the local government works hard to make their city a good place to do business. Both business and government partner to create one of the most energetic and dynamic business environments anywhere. These efforts also result in strong economic growth.

Choose Top Companies In Cincinnati

With such a diverse selection of industries choosing to make Cincinnati their home, it is a challenge choosing the top companies in Cincinnati. Fortune 500 companies include Krogers, Macy’s, Proctor & Gamble and American Financial Group. The city’s strongest industries include financial services and life sciences.

Fair taxes and a robust infrastructure are two of the reasons so many companies call Cincinnati home. The local government’s pro-business attitude has attracted some of the best talent in the country.

One of the fastest growing industries in the city is advanced energy. The city offers abundant natural resources, exceptional manufacturing capabilities, and unparalleled market access. It is also known for creating successful private-public partnerships and it is these attributes which have made the area a leader in energy supply.

Cincinnati Highly Skilled Professionals

Cincinnati has been home to the aerospace and automotive industries for several years. There are 115 supply-chain and vehicle-production companies located in the area. These two industries employ almost 100,000 workers who live in Cincinnati and another 1.5 million who commute from within 50 miles.

Cincinnati boasts a highly skilled workforce which attracts the best in biohealth companies. There are more than 220 companies in the area who are involved in testing, research and production of medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products.

Another thriving industry within the Cincinnati area is brand development and consumer products. The city is home to Proctor & Gamble and is recognized as a world leader in brand management and consumer research.

Cincinnati is strategically located to provide easy access to shipping and transportation. The combination of talented labor pool and low cost of doing business has made Cincinnati attractive to food processing and food retail companies. The industry’s top companies in Cincinnati include Wild Flavors, Givaudan, Kroger, and Sunny Delight Beverages.

Finance, IT and insurance companies are also located in Cincinnati. There are more than 3,500 insurance and financial services companies who employ more than 62,000 people. IT brings another 15,000 jobs and that number is growing. For more details visit | Seo Cincinnati

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