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Cures for the Causes of Beard Problems

Growing a beard is something that most any man is proud to do. You will want to learn about what to do in the event your beard suffers some of the more common problems. Itchy beards, dry beards, and ingrown hairs can happen to even the best beard growers out there. Here are some cures for the causes of these issues.

An itchy beard can be caused by shaving or by infections. The different symptoms will help you narrow down which is causing your itchiness. This way, you can know to see a doctor if the simpler cures do not fix the problem.

Growing Your Beard Out

If you are growing your beard out for a long time, expect your face to itch. It happens because of the follicles getting scratched by the sharp edge left by the razor you use to trim it.

You can minimize your dry beard or your itchy beard by keeping it clean. Be sure you wash your face regularly and only use aftershaves with natural oils like jojoba in them. These will minimize your chance of infection. Condition your beard with beard oils or even a natural oil like coconut oil. This will keep dryness away so that itchiness is less prevalent.

You might experience ingrown hairs. This is when a shaved or cut hair grows backwards into the follicle rather than out. This can cause a pimple-like bump. Very often this is a problem with curly hair. If you exfoliate regularly you can minimize ingrown hairs. In the event you do have them, use witch hazel to gently soothe the redness around them. If you can get at the hair using a tweezer you may be able to pull it out of the follicle gently.

Ingrown Hairs Or Itchiness

Itchiness that is due to infections should be dealt with as soon as you can. Visit your doctor if your ingrown hairs or itchiness are not only persisting but also worsening. If you have redness or tenderness around the beard, it is usually a sign that there is an infection. It can be caused by viruses or fungi.

This can be treated with special creams from your doctor. Many of these must be prescribed so they have to be used as the doctor directs you do use them or the infection will not resolve.

Be aware that if you use a razor regularly, this could cause you to experience red and bumpy skin, too. The difference is that you can treat razor bumps with a topical ointment or by using an astringent like witch hazel to relief the bumps. For skin that is being infected by fungi or bacteria, the use of the witch hazel will not clear it up.

Typically, infected follicles will also become filled with pus and may become crusty. Razor bumps usually only leave behind a red bump which can either resolve itself over time or you can ease the bump by applying a very hot washcloth to it and allow it to soften so you use a tweezer to remove the ingrown hair. Take good care of your hygiene while you grow your beard. It will make growing a healthy one easier to do. Visit the Beard Care Shop – hair trimmers for more information or contact us.

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