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Houses For Sale By Owner In Dayton Ohio

There are many ways that a person can list a house for sale by owner in the Dayton Ohio area. The first step is to properly prepare and stage the home for the sale.

Here are the Step by Step Instructions:

This will involve depersonalizing the home by removing personal photos from the walls and arranging the furnishings in such a fashion that they show off the size of the rooms and the potential uses for the various rooms

Also, take lots of photos inside and out of the property so that potential buyers can look at the home on online sites such as Zillow or Craigslist.

Use Best Quality Camera

Use a high-quality camera and choose only the photos that make the home look perfect. Write the ad up professionally showing the important details such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms and the square footage.

Price your home comparable to other homes in the area. Make sure that you’re not pricing it higher than other homes but you don’t have to price it as the cheapest home on the block either.

homes for sale

Strive for something in between. Once you’ve gone over your ad and photos several times it’s time to upload them to various sites so that you can sell.

Post a sign in the yard with the fact that the home is for sale and a number. You may even wish to make up flyers. Post on social networks, free sites such as Craigslist and other areas that are online so that potential buyers for the Dayton Ohio area can find the options for homes for sale.

Choose your wording carefully for your ad and make it stand out by using keyword phrases and terminology that tells potential buyers that it’s a great deal to buy your house. Be willing to entertain offers on the home as well. Get the best outsell promises from Denise Wick Realtor, they will surely help you find your dream home.

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