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How Much Area Does a Bundle Of Shingles Cover?

Asphalt shingles have been a popular choice for roofing for a number of years. Not only are they affordable and easy to install but they also come in a wide range of styles, making it easy to find shingles that will match perfectly with your home. As an added bonus, they last for a number of years, meaning that you can get your money’s worth out of your investment.

If you are getting ready to install a new roof or to replace your existing roof, it is important to estimate the materials that you need carefully. This is especially important when buying shingles. If you buy too few shingles, you may have a difficult time matching the color at a later date if you have to order more. At the same time, if you buy too many, you will wind up wasting money on shingles that you don’t actually need.

Number Of Shingle Bundles

A good place to start with your estimates is by figuring out how much area a bundle of shingles covers. In the roofing industry, the term “square” is used to refer to a 100 square-foot section of the roof. Most roofing projects are estimated based on the number of squares. When manufacturers bundle shingles, they usually design the size of the bundles based on this measurement.

If they tried to make a single bundle of shingles large enough to cover an entire square, however, it would be extremely heavy and bulky. Because of that, they bundle shingles in smaller packages. As a general rule of thumb, a bundle of shingles will cover a third of a square. That means that you need three bundles of shingles to cover a 100 square foot section on your roof. Working backwards, then, each bundle of shingles will cover approximately 33 square feet, give or take a little.

Even knowing that, however, it can still be difficult to estimate the number of shingle bundles that you need. Measuring a roof can be quite complicated – especially if it has dormers, gables, strange angles, or other features that add to its overall complexity.

Roofing Material Calculators

Usually, the best option is to try to break it down visually into rectangles, measuring each of those rectangles and adding them up to get the total square footage. Be sure to take careful measurements so that you can get an accurate estimate of the overall square footage of your roof. Once you know how many square feet you have to cover, then it is a simple matter of dividing that number by 33.33 to figure out how many bundles of shingles you need.

If you prefer, there are roofing material calculators online that you can use to easily estimate the number of shingles that you need. You still will need to take accurate measurements of your roof. However, these calculators can then do all of the math for you, eliminating the need to crunch the numbers manually.

Once you know how much area a bundle of shingles covers, you can then do the math to figure out how many bundles you need to purchase for your roofing project. To know more about roofing replacement contact us  also you can visit here for more details.

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