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How To Easily Clean And Maintain Your Water Softener

Thankfully, water softeners are surprisingly low maintenance and work quietly day-in and day-out. In the beginning you’ll need to enter the hardness level of your water, and occasionally add more salt, but they do their job for many months before needing to be cleaned or maintained. Here are some tips on keeping yours in great operating condition which will help it last longer and be more efficient.

Choosing The Right Salt Can Prevent Two Problems

The first problem is called salt bridging and that is when the salt in your tank has formed a hard crust over the water and will no longer be softening the water at all. You can test for this by taking a small hammer and hitting the top of the salt to see if it caves in. If so, then it was bridged. The cause of this problem is usually too much humidity in the area of your softener causing condensation in the tank and the salt to bridge up.

The other problem that you’ll notice is called salt mushing. It’s when the salt has turned to mush at the bottom of the tank and is blocking the water softener from running through its cycles normally. The only way to fix the problem is to completely remove all of the salt and replace it with new salt.

These two problems can be completely avoided by buying higher quality salt pellets and never filling the tank past half full of salt. When it comes to the types of salt, rock salt is by far the cheapest, however is has impurities that can make your tank turn muddy and eventually cause salt mushing. These impurities can vary by brand of rock salt as well, so it is possible to experiment with other brands if you don’t mind cleaning out your tank at times. Know How you will be able to find Fleck Water Softener Parts For Sale Online ?

Solar salt is made from taking sea water and evaporating the water off which leaves the salt. It is typically more pure than rock salt. The best, and most pure salt you can buy is called evaporated salt. It is usually 99.99% pure and will state so on the label. The higher the purity, the better the salt will be for your softener. The residues that they leave are due to impurities. You can also buy special salts that have additives to help with high iron concentrations in your water supply. Iron will leave rust stains in your tank and elsewhere in the softener.

You Can Buy The Recommended Cleaner For Your Softener

If your resin has lost its efficiency, you can buy softener cleaner. Follow the instruction of your manufacturer for the amount to use. You merely add it to the tank and then manually regenerate your system. The machine will discharge the cleaner when it flushes the system at the end of the cycle, very easy.

If your venturi valve becomes plugged with sand or silt. All you have to do is unscrew it, usually no tools are required, and take it apart to wash it in soapy water. If you don’t want to wait until it gets plugged, simply schedule a quick washing about every 6 months.

By inspecting your water softener every few months and looking for any bridging, mushing, iron stains, or venturi blocking you can easily prevent any problems. Everything is easy to clean and even easier to prevent if you do a little preventive maintenance and buy quality salt. Know more about fleck 5600sxt water softener .

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