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How To Install Demon Eyes Headlights

Are you thinking about changing your headlights to demon eyes?

Here are the best installation tips to help you fit the demon eyes perfectly into your vehicle. For the installation you need screw drivers, cookie pan, oven gun, heat gun, high heat epoxy, butyl rubber glue and silicon baking mat.

• Start by removing all the headlights from your vehicles. Check the specific instructions for removing your headlights depending on your vehicle to avoid any unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

• Next, you should remove the screws, bulbs and any wire harnesses. There are some specific models with attached wiring harness where each bulb isn’t plugged in separately. You can leave this harness in place or simply remove the external plug connected to it.

• If you’re using an oven, make sure it’s preheated to 350 degrees. Make sure you remove all the racks in your oven besides the one where you will place the light. Place it at the bottom to create space. Make sure the cookie sheet is placed upside down with the silicone sheet on top. The light should be baked for 3 to 5 minutes during which you should check regularly to prevent any deformations.

• If you’re using a heat gun, place it at a distance from the light and start heating from the edges moving inwards.

• Once the light is baked either from the oven or heat gun, use the flat head screw driver to pry the plastic lens from the housing of the actual light. If it’s been heated up well, the two will separate effortlessly.

• Pry up the corner then grip the lens and housing and rip them apart without using extensive force to avoid breaking something. If there’s any preexisting sealant, you can use the heat gun again to loosen it up.

• Next, you should remove the projector housing (different instructions for removing in every vehicle) and you can also paint the interior trim pieces. You can disassemble the projector once it’s out completely.

• Place the demon eye strip facing the projector lens using the epoxy on the heat shield to make sure it doesn’t fall and appear less bright. Next, you should reassemble the light housing and reseal it with completely new sealant to prevent further issues. That’s where the butyl rubber glue comes in handy.

• Now you can run your wires through the low beam dust cap. Try drilling a hole then sealing the area around the wires to make sure nothing gets in our out. Then put your headlights back on the vehicle as your run the wires conveniently for the model of your vehicle. Make sure the sensor and box are placed somewhere accessible to allow you to turn it on and off with the remote. Also checkout the 2017 Lighting Trends .

In conclusion

demon eyes headlights are pretty easy to install. However, you need to follow the instructions depending on the model of your vehicle to guarantee the best results, especially with the removal of existing headlights rewiring and reassembling process. Visit us at https://www.diodedynamics.com/specialties/led-demon-eye.html .

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