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Importance Of Having Your Social Security Card

It is easy to forget that you even have a social security card as it is not something that you need on a daily basis. We do not live in a country where documents of that nature are requested at checkpoints or when you are dealing with law enforcement, so it tends to be a document that is kept somewhere safe for when it is actually needed. However, when it is needed, it is typically for something very important for your life.

Importance Of Social Security Card

One of the biggest reasons that a social security card is important is that it is typically requested by employers anytime they hire someone new. This means that you have to present it to them when filling out your hiring documents to prove that you are legally allowed to work in the United States. Not having this document at this time can lead to a delay in hiring or even missing out on the opportunity all together. This is a major reason to ensure that you know where your social security card is at all times.

You also need to know your social security number to file your taxes, which is required to be done each year that you work. While you do not need to present the card itself, you do need to know the number. If you have a professional file your taxes for you they may ask that you present the card so that they can feel confident that you are not committing fraud. This is another important reason that you should know where your social security card is. Not being able to file your taxes can lead to serious legal problems for you in the future.

Help Protect Consumer

If you are looking to make a major purchase such as a new home or car you will likely be required to present your social security card as part of your proof of identity. Again, this is done to help protect consumers and lenders from fraud. The last thing you want to face is being in the last stage of such a major purchase only to realize that you do not have the documents you need to finalize the deal.

Finally, if you ever find yourself needing to apply for any type of government assistance you will definitely need to have your social security card on hand. This is required of every citizen that is in need of help from the government. This is yet another situation that could be very detrimental if you do not have your card when you need it. This is especially true for those that need help with food or medical, as that can greatly affect your well being in the short and long term.


If you ever come to realize that you do not know where your social security card is you should do all you can to locate it. If, after looking for it, you realize that it is in fact missing you should file for a new one right away. It is something that you never want to be without as you never know when you will need it. For more information on social security card request now online.

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