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March 1, 2018
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March 1, 2018

Is Hot Oil Treatment The Same As Deep Conditioning Or Not?

You have probably heard many people talk about a double hair treatment. They will use hair conditioning products, and once that is done, they will then do an oil treatment. Either one of these is going to be very beneficial for your hair, but they often wonder if they are the same. Conditioner can be purchased at your local store, as well as the hot oil treatments that many people use. Both of them are going to benefit your hair dramatically. Let’s look at whether or not these are the same, and if they are not why you should consider doing a double hair treatment procedure with both of them.

What Is Conditioner?

This was invented some years ago by an individual that was trying to improve the condition of hair. The it typically consists of ammonium compounds, fatty alcohols, and silicone. In fact, the silicone is what makes it feel so soft and smooth.

What Is A Hot Oil Treatment?

Hot oil treatments are very different because you are using natural Three Squares Soil. They are going to have fatty acids, and these are going to help improve the condition of your hair. The reason that people use the oil hot is that it is easier to spread around. These should be left in for about 20 minutes before you rinse it out.

Should You Combine Both Of These Treatments?

There are some people that say that doing both is actually a waste of time. For example, once you have the silicone in your hair, and then you apply fatty acids or oil on your hair, only one of them is going to remain. On the other hand, you have people say that the oil and the silicone will combine. It really depends on what your results are once you have gone to the process.

So Are These Treatments The Same?

These treatments are similar only in the sense that they are designed to improve the condition of your hair. They are different because they are using completely different ingredients, yet both of these can help improve the way that your hair looks and feels.

Should You Have This Done By A Professional?

There are some people that wonder if you should do this with a professional, or if going to the store to get a hot oil treatment suffice. Of course, you can go down to the local store to get hair conditioning products whenever you want, but some people believe that the hot oil treatments that you get from a professional are going to be much better. That’s because they are probably using more expensive oils such as argan oil which can be very beneficial. It is one of the most popular oils that is used in cosmetic products today. If you can access this online, or get it from your local store, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. It’s all about using the product as recommended, and using something that is proven to improve the condition of your hair.

Now that you know that hot oil treatments and conditioner are different products, yet yield positive results for your hair, you might want to consider doing both. You will never know into you try and see what type of results you are able to achieve. The key is to be consistent and to use top-of-the-line products that are designed to help your hair. If you have split ends, dry hair, or if it’s simply feels horrible, you really need to use one or both of these treatment options.

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