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February 28, 2018
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February 28, 2018

Is The Old English Bulldog Extinct ?

Is the old English bulldog extinct? You might wonder this when you visit breeders and dog shows where English bulldogs are shown off. Those looking to sell them are likely looking at you as a potential sale and are trying to convince you that your home would be fine with an English bulldog as a member of your family. On the other hand, you might know that bulldogs earned their name as a tenacious and even violent or vicious animal and how they were used in English history. However, modern English bulldogs aren’t like that anymore. Also some blogs on this site .

The traditional or historical uses of bulldogs stopped more than a century ago

Primarily in the 19th century or 1800s. Generations of breeding since then have resulted in very domesticated animals that are not only perfectly safe as a furry four-legged friend you can usually trust your kids around, but can even make for high-energy and fun companions that need lots of activity and social time with their humans. It even begs the question of whether or not old English bulldogs are now extinct, considering the fact that the breed has morphed into a household pet instead of an attack dog.

These are not to be confused with pit bulls

Which are a different breed entirely. Also, you might have heard stories or even seen videos of English bulldogs stepping up to the occasion when someone strange enters a home. They put up a brave face, but they present more of a threat of attack or violence than an actual possibility. The circumstances in which they would deem someone a threat to a family, or their pack as they might assume, are rather limited. You can control such scenarios by being careful about who has access to your home and how they are introduced to your family, especially your animals.


If you are worried at all about English bulldogs somehow reverting back to their historical nature, then it might not be wise to put one in your home. Even though such a thing is unheard of, you should not make any decision for your family or your home that you aren’t comfortable with doing. Still, such concerns are generally unfounded. The modern English bulldog is so domesticated over the last century plus that even if it is a genetic descendant of the old English bulldog, the breed is so fun and different that it is not a stretch to say that the old English bulldog is extinct. Know How To Find A Responsible Bull Dog Breeder ?


This might not be the case in the eyes of some academics, as the DNA is so very similar to what it used to be. For a species to be technically extinct in most cases, all members of its population would be wiped out by something, often disease or natural disaster. This did not happen with bulldogs, as they are clearly still physically around. However, they are so different in nature now that they should not be considered the fierce danger their ancestors might have been. Click at WWW.THEBULLDOGBREEDER.COM .

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