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Lawn Care For Those Colder Months

Winter is a time when homeowners tend to forget the tedious chore of keeping the lawn in tip top shape. there’s always the temptation, especially in colder regions to throw up your hands and say – ‘there’s nothing to be done – I’ll revisit this in Spring’. The truth of the matter is that spring might be too late. In those colder months your lawn can suffer damage that it may never recover from and then you’ll have to start from scratch when the warmer months come along.

Fortunately there are some simple measures you can take to ensure that when spring finally does come around your lawn is ready to burst onto the scene looking spectacular.

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Late Autumn or early winter are a great time to start fertilizing cold weather grasses such as Bluegrass or Bermuda. Make sure that you intensively fertilize prior to the first freeze if you live in a region where the temperature drops very low. That fertilizer will stay in the ground giving your lawn the boost it needs to spring to life when the warmer months come around.


When mowing during the colder months gradually lower the height of the blades. this will allow the grass to survive the winter months in great shape. Do not cut down very low in one single mowing session. this will cause the grass to go into shock and can cause permanent damage.

If your region is subject to snowfall it can be very easy to lose track of objects on the lawn. Children’s toys, garden equipment and similar will press down on the grass, eventually killing it. Keep an eye out for these objects and remove them as soon as possible.

Try and alternate your path towards doorways if you are traversing the grass. Excessive foot traffic will kill grass during the winter months. If possible avoid walking on the grass altogether.

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