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Learn How To Lower Your Back Pain

One of the things in life that can be the most frustrating is back ache. Many adults wind up dealing with this at some point in their lives, and it can be anywhere from annoying to debilitating. Sometimes, it’s inevitable and there might be nothing that can be done to get rid of it entirely, at least right away. However, there are many things you can do to lower your back pain to levels that are more comfortable or tolerable, and from there it might heal more on its own.

Drop Your Body Weight

For starters, consider losing some weight. Obesity and being overweight are leading causes of back pain but not always instigators. Still, the less of a load your body has to carry, the better you are going to feel. Just dropping 5 percent of your weight can make a dramatic difference in how you feel.

Use Pillow Support For Neck, Head And legs

mediflow-original-waterbase-pillow-for-neck-pain.jpg (500×273)

Also check the furniture that you spend a lot of time in, ranging from your bed to any chairs you put long hours in. Slumping over or sitting too low can cause back pain. Think about adding pillows to curl up with to support your neck, head, and legs or you can use patches for pain in back.

Use Right Footwear

New footwear might also be in order, as the right pair of shoes can support your knees, hips, and back. Insoles can also help if you find the right pair using a posture-testing machine common to big box retailers and their health and beauty or pharmacy areas.

Finally, while you might not feel like exercising, it can do wonders for back trouble. Walking is great for strengthening the low back, and yoga or tai chi can do your back good if tension is the culprit, especially in the upper back or shoulders. Upper back pain is sometimes harder to nail down then low back pain.

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