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May 9, 2017
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REITs Are The Best Short Term & Long Term Investments Out There

If you are going to get into short-term real estate investments these days, you don’t want to buy physical properties. Yes, it is possible to buy and flip real estate quickly. However, it’s not always going to happen the way that you see it working out. Yes, the real estate market is improving, and that is why this next opportunity I’m about to tell you is even better. Let me tell you how to invest in real estate these days.

best short term investments

High Yielding Dividend Trusts

Instead of building up a physical portfolio of properties, invest in REITs. These REITs are high yielding dividend trusts that really have been performing well as of the last several years. You remember the real estate bubble from about a decade ago? Well, everything has adjusted, and as the market and the world shifts, real estate investing is best done online.

Better Initial Investment

There is no way the individual small investor is going to keep up with companies buying up properties like that. Furthermore, you even have the residential real estate market being infiltrated by the we buy houses investors. They can purchase and flip properties faster than you can even find them. So unless you plan on keeping up with the big guys, it’s best to get involved in what they are doing a different way.

Trusts are Good Investments

In other words, real estate investing is best done by investing in trusts. Some of these high yield trusts even pay out monthly dividends. If you picked from among the best, you can average a 6-8 percent return on just the dividends alone. Then you have to factor in compounded dividends and interest, along with share appreciation over time. You buy into these trusts just like you buy shares of stock in companies when investing in the stock market. Give them a look, and see if you don’t think I’m right about this.

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