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Scaly Skin Around The Mouth Area Is One Symptom Of Ichthyosis

There are certain types of skin conditions that can affect newborns at birth. One of the types of skin conditions that can occur, but is rare, is known as Ichthyosis. This condition produces all kinds of symptoms, chiefly the dry and scaly skin. The dry and scaly patches can happen all over the body, and one place that is affected is the mouth area. As you can imagine, a condition like this can be very uncomfortable.


People have to use their mouths to eat. After reading about the symptoms related to this condition, you also have to think about the areas of the body like the mouth that are constantly moving. Therefore, those dry and scaly skin patches can end up cracking. This of course just exacerbates the symptoms and inhibits treatment. In order to treat someone that is affected by this condition, you have to soften the skin.


Are there different products that you have to use for areas like the mouth? You have to watch what you put on your own mouth, and you certainly have to watch what you would put on a baby’s mouth. The medications used for conditions that babies have must be formulated for them. There is no need to worry because your doctor will provide you with instructions and treatment options.

However, you certainly want to know what is expected of you when you return back home with your child. What do you need to know to properly care for your child in this condition so that he or she recovers properly? What things do you have to watch out for? Is this condition curable? Discuss all of your options so that you know you are going to be providing your child with the best possible care in regards to this condition and the symptom of scaly skin around the mouth area.

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