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Side Effects Of Pain Patches

For many, pain patches are the route to go for pain relief. However, every form of pain relief comes with its own specific set of side effects. Here are some common side effects of pain patches and what you may expect if you’re using pain patches for your pain relief.

Some Common Side Effects of Pain Patches are:

Pain Patches will Cause Itching

Upon application, many pain patches will cause itching and a rash at the application site. For this reason, when a person reapplies the patch it’s important to move it to another location. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. For some, it’s as simple as relocating the patch, for others, the itching and rash will continue and they may require a different dosage or another means of pain relief to alleviate the rash.

Nausea and Vomiting

Other common side effects are nausea and vomiting. With time, this may pass. It is highly recommended to eat prior to changing a pain patch as the medication will be stronger upon the application than it will as the patch begins to lose its ability to reduce pain. The stronger the dosage, the worse the side effects may be.

Other complaint is Insomnia and Increased Sweating

Some patients will experience drowsiness, dizziness, and vertigo. Other common complaints are insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, and increased sweating. It’s also not unusual to experience fatigue and the sensation of being too hot or too cold. Sometimes, more rest will help to reduce these side effects along with a proper diet and close monitoring of the specific foods that are eaten.

Some Patients Have Loss their Weight

Many patients also experience weight loss and loss of appetite. They may have a headache as well. Heart palpitations, abdominal pain and feeling weak are also quite common. General feelings of malaise are also quite common. It’s important to remember to eat even if the patient isn’t hungry. Consider smaller sized meals and less fatty foods if this problem persists.

Dry Mouth and Ear Issues

Depending on the patient, dry mouth and ear issues are also very common. For patients who tend to have more respiratory issues and colds and flu symptoms, these may be more extreme. If the issue persists be sure to ask the doctor how to proceed. It may be as simple as changing the dosage or more complex depending on the specific side effects.

Some Have Muscle Spasms Reactions

On occasion, the extremities may also swell and be tender. There may also be muscle spasms and involuntary muscle reactions. For many, depression will also be an issue that must be treated separately. Always check with the doctor regarding side effects.


Some side effects may be life-threatening. If there is a concern, be sure to call a medical professional immediately. Always check with a doctor before discontinuing any pain medication. In some cases, the medication may need to be tapered down to ensure that the patient doesn’t have any serious effects when stopping a medication suddenly.

If there are any questions regarding a specific pain medication patch, be sure to ask the doctor and find out what the specific medication is supposed to do for the patient. In many cases, the doctor will adjust the dosage and the pain medication to ensure that the patient is receiving the proper dosage for their body weight. For more information visit at here:-

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