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Three Excellent Dayton OH Restaurants That You Will Enjoy

There are larger cities in Ohio than Dayton, but Dayton is certainly a popular one. If you haven’t been to Dayton, you probably have at least heard of this great city. When vacationing in Ohio, it is a great pick for sure. While you are in Dayton OH, you will be looking at restaurants. Let me save you some time but providing you the name of three great restaurants to enjoy. Also get some tips if you are looking for Commercial Real Estate Tips For Beginners .

Best place for fish and chips .

Dublin Pub is one of the top places to eat in Dayton OH, and it is located on Wayne Avenue. This restaurant that serves up delicious brunch is known for menu items like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, among other things. Reviewers also talk about the place having a great selection of whiskey and beer. It is a pub after all .

For the second restaurant in Dayton, let’s look at Corner Kitchen. Corner Kitchen is located on East 5th Street, and it is known for its tasting menu. What really made me smile about this place is it is known for a tasting menu yet features meatloaf on the menu. I thought that was super cool. Butterscotch pudding is another one of the more popular menu items. How does stopping by Corner Kitchen sound to you?



Find some good German potato salad

Carillon Brewing Company is the third restaurant in Dayton I want to bring to your attention. You will find Carrilon Brewing Company on Carillon Boulevard, so that is easy enough. They serve up German food there, and the sausage looks absolutely delicious. Is it time for some German potato salad and ginger ale? This place sounds really cool, and I think I am more sold on it after seeing a picture of a plate of food served up there. Which of these three Dayton OH restaurants gets to expect your visit soon? For more information visit our site http://deniseswick.com .

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