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Tips for Estimating the Cost of Roofing Materials

The cost of roofing your home or business can be quite expensive. If you want to know how much your roof is going to cost, you will need to estimate the cost of your roofing materials and add in the cost of labor in your area. Continue reading to learn how to estimate the cost of replacing your roof or installing a new roof.

Measure the Perimeter of Your Home or Office

The first step to estimating the cost of roofing materials is to determine the amount of roofing material you will need. You will need to measure the length and the width of your building including overhangs. You will also want to include any non-heated areas of the home that are covered by your roof, such as a porch, a garage or carport.

Determine the Pitch of Your Roof

The slope of your roof is called the pitch of the roof. This is a ratio of the horizontal distance of the roof called the run and the vertical distance of your roof called the rise. This is done by calculating the inches that your roof rises for every 12 inches measured horizontally. For example, if your roof is 32 feet long and you have a rise above the walls of 8 feet, the pitch will be 8 to 32 that can be simplified to a 1:4 roof pitch.

Check Prices

Once you have these measurements, you can visit your home improvement store and get estimates of the different roofing materials that can be used. Most sales associates can quickly give you an estimate on the cost of your roofing materials. Visit several stores and get estimates to ensure you are maximizing your savings.

As you can see, estimating the cost of roofing materials is quite simple. Follow the instructions listed above to determine the cost of your next roofing project. For more information click here: https://www.diyroofs.com – Roofing Cost Estimator

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