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Tips for Treating Forearm Pain

Forearm pain is quite debilitating because we use our forearms for so many day to day tasks, whether that’s working a desk job, cooking, or indeed playing sports.

Our hands are in use most of the time, which makes it hard to rest our forearms if they suffer an injury. Even a minor injury can get aggravated, and leave us struggling with constant pain.

The Anatomy Of Our Forearms

The forearm is made up of two bones – the ulna and the radius, and these come together to form a joint at each end – the wrist, and the elbow. The forearm rotates, which is important for everything from holding apen to screwing in a light bulb, and even eating. The ulna remains still while the arm is rotate, with the radius doing the movement. Know about the Best Heat Patches For Pain

A fractured forearm could affect your ability to properly bend and straighten your arm. Muscle injuries can also affect the mobility and strength of the arm.

What Causes Forearm Pain

Forearm pain can be caused by muscle trauma, overuse, sports injuries and trapped nerves. It can also be a symptom of a cold or other infection.

Technology has not been helpful when it comes to forearm pain. Many of us spend endless hours sat in front of computers, and poor posture and the repetitive motions associated with typing can be crippling.

Add in the repetitive issues that are associated with certain sports, such as tennis, and it’s easy to understand why we have such bad forearm pain.

How to Stop Forearm Pain

The most basic form of treatment is RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression + Elevation. This will help with most muscle issues, and can be a valuable way of relieving pain.

It’s important that you actually REST your injury. You may not be able to completely stop what you’re doing, but if you can reduce the amount that you use your arms then it will go a long way towards supporting healing. The more you use your arms, the greater the risk of the pain turning chronic. If you can’t stop using the arm completely, then you can use splints to support the injured muscles. These will help to

Massage can help with muscular issues. Sometimes, the forearm itself will be too inflammed to allow for a massage, but you can still get a lot out of massaging the shoulders and the back. You can use a lacrosse ball to target the smaller clusters of muscles to loosen them up.

Diet and other lifestyle factors matter too. Getting enough sleep, and getting enough vitamin D, as well as Vitamins A and K, can all help with healing and with pain reduction. This is particularly true in the winter and in countries where people don’t see much of the sun. If the weather is dull or you’re spending a lot of time indoors then you may not be getting enough sunlight and your body may not be healing as efficiently as it could be, because of that. Know more about Stamina Pro on our site .

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