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What Are The Top R22 Replacement Options

There has been a substantial movement in recent years for the replacement of Freon in different devices that are capable of cooling the air. You typically had this installed with refrigerators and freezers, as well as air conditioning units, but this is slowly coming to an end. It will not be used after the year 2020. This is a law that has been passed in the United States. There will be no products manufactured with it, nor will the US except in the products that are using chlorofluorocarbons. There are alternatives to this gas which can be used which will not have any adverse effects to the environment.

Why Is This Gas Being Replaced?

The main reason that this is being replaced is because of studies that have been done in regard to the ozone layer. This is a protective layer of the atmosphere, one that is extremely high up, that can protect against ultraviolet radiation. This particular gas can block radiation that can cause cancer. Fortunately, the hole in the ozone layer has been primarily over Antarctica. It started to grow in the late 70s, and by the early 1990s, the entire continent of Antarctica was completely uncovered. Due to changes that have been made in the use of Freon, specifically the removal of it, the ozone layer has gradually started to improve.

What Are The Replacement Gases That Can Be Used?

Replacement gases will include R-438A, R-421A, and also R-422B. Others are R-422D and R424A. Once these are replaced, you will also see a definite improvement in the amount of cold air that is produced. These advancements in producing these hydrofluorocarbons, have really improved over the years. As a result of having more choices, companies that manufacture products like air conditioners and freezers are using these alternatives more often.

What Does It Take To Replace Freon?

It is going to take about an hour to replace the gas that is in these units. It could be a shorter period of time, depending upon how easy it is to access. It must be done by a certified HVAC employee that is certified and skilled at doing so. They will have the tools and expertise necessary to complete the job, preventing the Freon from getting into the atmosphere. It is going to cost roughly hundred dollars for everyone that is done, perhaps more, depending upon the size of the unit. You can get quotes from different HVAC companies that will be able to do this for you, many of which will be in your immediate area.

These R22 replacement options are numerous, and the company that you choose to use will give you their advice on which hydrofluorocarbons to use. As more of these are done, it’s going to improve the ozone layer even more, helping us to protect people on the ground. Without the ozone layer, it could lead to substantial amounts of cancer developing, and that is why it is so important to get rid of these chlorine-based gases. By preventing the ozone layer from deteriorating anymore, and even growing stronger, we are preserving our planet for our children. Find more information at http://www.bluonenergy.com/r22-replacement/

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