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What You Need To Do To Install An AC Compressor

If you have basic electrical skills and can follow instructions

you can easily install an AC compressor. While the project looks hard, it isn’t that hard if you can follow the guidelines. You need some basic tools and an eye for detail and you can easily install your AC compressor on your own. Read on for some general tips that will help you install your compressor.

If you are going to install an AC compressor you need to flush out and vacuum the system before you change the compressor. While AC compressors are durable they do fail. One of the most common reasons why the compressor fails is because it isn’t getting enough oil. When the compressor doesn’t get enough oil, it is going to burn out. Your compressor can also become contaminated when debris gets inside of it.

Before you begin your compressor installation, make sure you have enough compressor oil. Your AC system is not going to work properly if you don’t have enough oil. Buy the highest quality oil that you can. You can read your user manual to see what type of oil your AC system uses. Your manual will also tell you the right way to fill the oil. Know The Thermodynamic Properties Of Refrigerants .

The next step is installing the Freon.

Freon is the refrigerant that your unit uses and it is what makes the air cold so you can enjoy using your system. You want to use the best Freon and never use Freon alternatives because they might not work properly with the machine and they might not work properly with the gaskets and seals. If you use a Freon alternative and your AC system is under warranty, the warranty might be voided if you use one of these products. You always want to go with the refrigerant that the manual recommends.

You are going to need to install the AC compressor drier as part of the installation process as well. The drier helps to filter out contaminants. You have to replace this each time you replace the compressor. The drier also pulls moisture out of the system and helps to keep the interior dry. You don’t want moisture getting inside of the system because it can eventually ruin it.

You are also going to need to make sure that you do a good job of replacing the O-rings on the compressor. While you might be tempted just to use the old ones when you change the compressor, the O-rings can get old or they might not be installed properly. O-rings are cheap so you might as well replace them since you have already opened up the system. Take a picture of the location of the O-rings so you make sure that you put them back in the right place.

If you have some time to spare and are willing to work hard, you can save money by replacing your AC compressor yourself. It is important that you do a good job however because if you don’t, you could ruin your system. visit .

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