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Why Do Credit Card Transactions Take Time To Show Up On Your Statement?

Making credit card purchases can be a tad confusing for those who haven’t made them before or are still learning about the process.

The same doesn’t happen with debit card purchases because the funds are already there and have to be re-routed based on what you are buying. The credit card is going to include the issuing bank’s funds so they’re far more selective about the process and aren’t going to let things go as easily.

This is why it becomes important to understand why credit card transactions take time to show up on your bank statement.

1) Processing Time

This is one of the reasons the credit card transaction isn’t going to show up as soon as a purchase is made.

It takes time and that has to do with a set of verifications that take place as soon as the trigger is released. For example, if the issuing bank has to be notified, it’s going to retain all of the relevant information such as the transaction amount, credit card number, cardholder’s name, and the merchant ID number. All of this is going to be verified before the transaction can be processed and put in a statement. Get  A Closer Look At CBD Merchant Account Benefits

2) Check for Red Flags

There are red flags that can pop up when a credit card is being used and that’s something banks take seriously.

Fraudulent activity has to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible and that’s why the processing time is set into motion. Everything is looked into including your previous purchase history to ensure things are “normal” and following an established pattern. If too much money is being spent in a short period, it is going to set off an internal alarm and that will lead to the card being blocked. Of course, as soon as this happens, the card is declined and the transaction doesn’t show up on the statement.

3) Acquirer Sends FInal Authorization

After the processing is completed and everything has been checked out, it becomes easier for the acquirer to authorize a transaction. This is the final step before the merchant can go ahead and complete the sale. This is also one of the reasons why the transaction isn’t going to show up as soon as the purchase is made. It takes time and everything has to be verified before it’s approved. This is something you should be noting down as soon as possible.

Too many purchases can start to confuse a person as to what’s spent and what’s not. However, it’s best to give the credit card time to process each purchase and make sure it shows up before moving forward. All of this is done on purpose to ensure the card isn’t stolen and isn’t being used for nefarious purposes. This happens all the time and that’s why the issuing bank has to make sure everything is settled before moving forward. Once the transaction does go through, it’s going to be “posted” on the account and it will show up. Read about credit card processing comparison .

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