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Why Does Your Hair Fall While Applying Oil

If you have ever noticed that when you apply oil to your hair, it tends to fall down. There are a couple reasons for this. The most obvious reason is that oil is heavy, and as it clings to the outside of your hair, it’s going to cause it to come down due to gravity. You will notice that this phenomena will not happen all the time, at least not in the same way. It depends on the type of oil that you are actually using with your hair, how long you leave it in, and what type of hair you actually have. Let’s discuss a few of the reasons why your hair will fall while you are applying oil, as well as present a few of the best types of oil that you ought to be using.

Why Does Your Hair Fall When You Put Oil In It?

As mentioned before, gravity is the main reason that your hair is going to fall. However, people might actually be talking about why your hair might start to fall out. For example, after you put the oil in, and you have left it there for at least 20 minutes, you are going to want to brush to your hair to remove any possibility of tangles. When you do this, you may notice that hundreds of hairs may be stuck in the comb, and also between your fingers. Hair is falling out all the time, even with people that have perfect hair, because that is just part of the natural process. This does not mean that the oil is causing the hair to fall out. In fact, it’s actually getting into the pores of your scalp, and will likely prevent the hair from falling out at all. You are simply noticing it because you are doing this procedure, and it is a natural part of that process.

What Type Of Oil Should You Use In Your Hair?

There are several that are highly recommended that people actually like. One of the top choices is coconut oil. This particular oil is considered to be one of the most beneficial that you can use on your hair. It is even used for people that suffer from acne. Another choices extra virgin all of oil. Pomegranate seed oil and rosemary oil are also used as hair treatment options. Finally, avocado oil, and the ever popular jojoba oil, should also be used from time to time.

Is There One That You Should Use Above All Of The Others?

It is highly recommended that you rotate the different oils that you are using. For example, you might want to use jojoba oil one week, and coconut oil the next. This gives you enough time to see if there is a noticeable difference. What you are looking for is how it affects your hair. For example, if it is more bouncy, or if it looks more full, then the oil is definitely doing its job. All of these oils are going to have fatty acids, and these can easily improve the condition of your hair the more that you use them.

It is very common for hair to fall out while you are doing these treatments. It is not actually falling out. You are just noticing that it is because you are focused on combing through your hair. On the other hand, you might wonder why your hair is falling to your shoulders, or at least toward your shoulders if it is shorter, after you have applied the oil. It is simply a matter of the oil being heavy, and gravity doing what it does. It simply part of the process of improving the condition of your hair by doing these necessary oil treatments. To know more contact us or visit the website at

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