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You Have Options When It Comes To The United States Postal Address Change Form

When it comes time for you to move, or just be at a different address for some time, like going to college, then you need to let the mail service know that you are going to a different address. Fortunately, you have multiple options when it comes to the United States postal Service change of address form.

The form is readily available at all post offices, although the one you’re currently using before you move is the best place to go and fill it out if you want to handle the matter in person. Once you file the form, they can forward any mail that gets routed to that facility to your new address. That typically holds up for six months, so you keep getting your mail until everyone is updated on your new address. Of course if you go back to your old address, you can let it lapse or pull the form so that you start getting your mail again.

Before Moving To New Address Fill Out The USPS Form

Another way to do it is to print the form off of the postal website and mail it in or take it to the post office, but this only really makes sense for mailing it in, considering that if you go to the post office, they already have printouts of the form, saving you a print.

The truth is, as long as you can access the postal website online, that’s the easiest way to do it. Filling out the form in person used to be the primary way of changing your address. However, there’s now a submission form where you can do it online within just a few minutes from the comfort of your office desk, laptop, or tablet, making the whole process a time-saving cinch. To know more visit

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